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Owner Services

Services include developing a Fair Market rental price and professional leasing for:

  • 2-4 Unit Buildings
  • Multi Family Buildings: 5-50 Units
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Homes
  • Town Houses
  • Condos

We Offer:

  • Most accurate rent estimate
  • Aggressive marketing
  • Tenant screening
  • Regular inspections
  • Efficient repairing work and less labor fee
  • Monthly statements and yearly tax forms
  • 24/7 customer service

Contact us to talk about your Linn-Benton property management needs, and we’ll tell you what we need to get started managing your rental property.

Owner FAQs

If you’re a Linn-Benton rental property owner looking for professional property management, we’re excited to help you. As any of our current owners will tell you, we believe in a higher standard of service. We spend every day working to exceed your expectations.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from prospective owners like you. If you don’t see your question here, be sure to contact us – and we’d be glad to tell you more.

Q: How will you communicate with us?
A: We believe in prompt, thorough communication with owners. You can contact us by telephone, email, or your online portal. In addition to regular communication, we’ll contact you as necessary to discuss extreme maintenance needs, evictions, applications, lease renewals, and notices to vacate.

Q: How do I pay my management fees?
A: We make it easy. Your management fee will be deducted from the rent we collect.

Q: Can I enter my property when a tenant is there?
A: We don’t recommend it. Once your property is leased, the tenant has a legal right to 24 hours of notice before we enter the property. Unless there is an emergency, owners and property managers should not enter an occupied property without notice.

Q: What about evictions?
A: Evictions are rare because we have a detailed and thorough tenant screening process. If a tenant needs to be evicted, we take care of the legal process for you. We send notices, follow up with tenants, and file the necessary court documents.

Tenant FAQs

If you are in the market for your perfect rental home, you have come to the right place. As a prospective tenant, we can help you through the process of finding and applying for the home of your dreams. Once you are a resident, we have a suite of tools to make your rental experience the best it can be.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is a request for routine maintenance submitted?
A: All maintenance requests need to be submitted in writing. The best and easiest form is to submit the request on our website, and can be found on the Home Page or under the Current Tenants tab.

Q: How are emergencies handled?
A: If the emergency is life threatening, dial 911. If other emergencies occur, we have a 24 hour personally answered emergency maintenance line. The resident will call our office. Therefore qualified to deal with emergencies immediately.

Q: What maintenance is a resident responsible for?
A: The resident is required to keep the property in neat and clean condition and to perform minor repairs, such as replacing light bulbs and other items not requiring a skilled craftsman.

Q: Who is responsible for landscaping?
A: Apartment communities are under the responsibility of the owner or HOA generally. Single family homes are usually the responsibility of the tenant unless an owner has decided to retain the services of their own landscaping company.

Q: What charges are tenants responsible for?
A: Light bulbs, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries, clogged/slow drains, furnace filters, lost or broken garage remotes, clogged garbage disposals (due to excess food or non-food items), anything related to pet damage, any damage as a result of a break in or vandalism, broken windows.

Q: What do I do if I lock my keys in my house?
A: Contact our office if you do not wish to contact a locksmith. There will be a Lockout Fee, $50 at this time, either paid for at time of service or it can be charged to your account.

Tenant Services


Securely pay rent using the RentRedi app from anywhere. Set up automatic payments so you always pay on time.


Quickly submit maintenance requests that go directly to our maintenance queue with the RentRedi app.


Follow the instructions about how to set up the ACH to pay for the monthly rent.


Download Application Form, and Co-Signer Form, if needed.

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About Us

We are a group of homeowners and professional property managers. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that it has many complex aspects when coming to managing properties. After having been through all of the conflicts with finding tenants, maintenance, repair, and taxes, we decide to open our own property management company with professional and trusted services without hiding fees or overcharging. Our goal is to provide the best service of leasing and management for our clients. No matter, whether you are the homeowners in need of management service or tenants who are looking for new homes, we will be the best team to meet your needs.

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