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ACH Instructions

Below are the instructions to pay your rent with ACH / Bank Account on RentRedi app. 

1. We have sent an invitation to your email address from RentRedi. Please download and install RentRedi app to your phone or tablet by following the instructions in the email. Once you register your email address in the RentRedi app, you will see the following popup. Please press "Accept" in the popup to connect to your account. 

2. After you log into RentRedi app using your email address, tap "Rent".

3. Tap the charge you would like to pay.

4. Tap "Select Payment Method", and tap "New Bank Account".

5. Press "Continue" to connection your account with Plaid.

6. Connect to your bank with your credentials.


or enter "other" to link with account numbers by verifying two small deposits into your bank account.


7. After setting up the connection, you can tap the "Pay" button at the bottom to submit payment!

Check out the videos from RentRedi for more information about these instructions. And please contact us if you have any questions regarding these steps. 

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